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About CTAI

We serve to advance the mainstream adoption and integration of the cannabis-related travel trend through Advocacy, Education and Networking. We promote safe and responsible cannabis travel by demystifying the cannabis-related travel trend and work to unify the cannabis, hemp and travel industries. The CTAI empowers the development of favorable regulatory environments and facilitates meaningful data-driven discussions while promoting best practices in this emerging space. The CTAI works to advance the cannabis travel trend in the greater global travel market. The CTAI is a fully registered 501c6 organization.

CTAI members and partners include major cannabis brands, tour operators, retailers, transportation companies, hotels, tourism boards, industry associations, media companies, and other organizations for whom cannabis tourism advocacy is important.

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Core Pillars

EDUCATION: Our members and strategic partners have access to the best and most up-to-date information about the cannabis travel trend globally.

ADVOCACY: Our members and partners have access to tool kits that empower actionable advocacy in any market around the world.

NETWORKING: Our members and strategic partners have access to hyper-targeted networking.

B2B MARKETING: Promote your cannabis travel-oriented business easily and effectively through exclusive opportunities.

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Strategic Partnerships

The CTAI collaborates with other industry associations and non-profits related to cannabis tourism to ensure safe, responsible and fun experiences as the industry evolves. For organizations who want to invest in building this organization through larger sponsorships and in-kind contributions.  

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The CTAI exists to expand the cannabis tourism conversation and support integration of cannabis into the greater travel market and industry. We serve as the central link between businesses, workshops, sponsorships, and events.

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