2023 Cannabis Travel World Fair Recap (Virtual)

Cannabis Travel World Fair

On February 7-8, 2023 we held our virtual Inaugural Cannabis Travel World Fair. Review the schedule below of our fantastic speakers and international excursions.

Pack your bags and get ready for two days of adventure exploring the growing world of Cannabis Tourism.

Be prepared for a virtual travel experience featuring sought after information from the 2022 CTAI original Cannabis Travel Data Report, fascinating panels, and presentations by international industry experts, activations, and simulated travel experiences.

2023 Day 1 Schedule
Welcome: Georgi Gordon – CTAI Membership Chair
Cannabis Travel Association International: An Overview with CTAI Founder and Chairman, Brian Applegarth
Keynote: Andrew DeAngelo
Andrew DeAngelo @andrew_deangelo, Global Cannabis Consultant & Strategic Advisor / Executive Coach, is joining us on the main stage as our keynote speaker at the Cannabis Travel World Fair!⁠⁠Andrew DeAngelo is a visionary leader and the Founder of Andrew DeAngelo Consulting with a proven track record of enacting systemic social change and developing best practices in cannabis. Andrew lends his vast cannabis business and political expertise as a consultant for hire to the global cannabis community at large, including several strategic partnerships with the world’s leading cannabis-centric service firms. ⁠
Cannabis Travel International: Travel the world with cannabis experts from South Africa, Canada, India, Jamaica, Uruguay, Jamaica, Caribbean and Ecuador. A video montage view of today’s cannabis travel around the globe.The world is opening up to cannabis travel experiences. Our international experts will share where their countries stand on the status of legalization and acceptance of cannabis. You will also learn the similarities and differences in the evolution of global cannabis travel.  M. Omari Jackson,  Marcus Ramkissoon B.Sc., MS, Susan Dupej,  Priya Mishra,  Kevin Nafte, Sebastian Moreno, Myrtle Clarke
Staying Green:  Hemp and Agrotourism: How to incorporate sustainability in cannabis tourism.
CannaTourism is also about ecological consciousness. Find out how hemp and cannabis growers are integrating experiential travel by bringing visitors back to the roots of cultivation. Trichome TJ, Sam De La Paz, Paul Iglesia Moderator: Adelia Carrillo
Tour Activation: Coral Cove Wellness ResortKeiko Beatie
Coral Cove guests take full advantage of a customized approach to their vacation that can incorporate wellness, meditation, educational workshops and spiritual guidance complemented by optional herbal therapeutics, cannabis-centered spa rituals, classes and workshops.
Putting the “Tour” in Tourism Pioneers, property owners, and subject matter experts discuss best practices in Cannabis Experiential ToursWine tasting and tours have long been established in the hospitality industry. Learn about the next wave of enjoyment with experts who understand Tour Operation and Cannabis and where they intersect.Ayanna Lawson, A.c Moon Cameron, Mike Schibel, Samantha Sage, April Price Moderator: Brian Applegarth
The Travelers Predicament: Where can we smoke weed? A look at the Dispensary and Consumption Lounge Experience: concerns and solutions You’ve traveled to a location where cannabis consumption is legal. You’ve purchased some weed. Dispensary and Consumption lounge owners and operations talk about the challenges and successes of retail spaces that cater to consumers. Sara Stewart, Arend Richard, Lauren Fontein Moderator: Scott Reiman
Tour Activation:  South Africa – High Holidaze – Lorraine Keenan
A safe, educational and fun tour around the Cannabis community of Johannesburg, affectionately known by locals as Jozi. 
Legislative Update: California Catering Bill Progress Report Jerred Kiloh
Jerred is working with the CTAI and other California organizations to propose a catering bill to help provide options to those in the travel and tourism space. Join us as he provides an update on the bill progress and what it means for you.

Day 2 Schedule

Welcome with Georgi Gordon: CTAI Membership Chair
Cannabis Travel and Tourism Updates —Brian Applegarth will announce the new CTAI board of directors and unveil a special gift for our inaugural CTWF attendees.
Mainstreaming Cannabis: How to collaborate with conventional travel partners
The CTAI advocates for the incorporation of weed in the traditional travel environment. This panel will share about their ongoing collaboration with established travel industry businesses and colleagues. Veronica Castillo, Philip Wolf, Jamie Evans, Victor Pinho  Moderator: Georgi Gordon
Let’s Talk Technology An in-depth open discussion about software platforms amongst the top executives in the cannabis event space.
OTAs (Online Travel Agents) have taken over much of travel booking all over the world. Find out from this panel about the technology they use to make booking travel and events user-friendly online. Elizabeth Becker, Monique Fitzgerald, Adelia Carrillo  Moderator: Ali Fakhri
Tour Activation: Bulldog Café Amsterdam
If you want to experience the real Amsterdam coffeeshop, The Bulldog is what you’re looking for. The Bulldog has played a key role in the history of coffeeshops and cannabis consumption. You can really see and feel our rich history in our coffeeshops. What makes The Bulldog unique isn’t its famous name, its iconic logo or its popular products; it’s the feeling you get when you step inside. The typical The Bulldog atmosphere can be experienced in all our locations, in Amsterdam and our many locations throughout the world.
Tour Activation:  Moonlit Moveable Feast – High Dining Barbie Sommars
Join us to experience the Moonlit Moveable Feast, one of High Dining’s signature events. High Dining takes fine dining to new heights by creating an art form around cannabis-infused fine dining with various chefs in various locations with a refined approach to creating elevated mood states that will enchant and inspire you.
A Story to be Told: Successful marketing gurus share (some of) their secrets in making your cannabis destination, resort, experience, and brand thrive. Our panel of top marketers in the cannabis space will give you guidance on branding and marketing your product, destination, experience, and/or service.  Lisa Snyder, Joyce Cenali Moderator: Laura Hand
Tour Activation: YVY Cannabis Wellness CentreKevin Nafte
Life Better Lived (YVY) is an Uruguayan brand that comprises unique experiences and high-quality natural cannabis products. Our mission is to help people find an intimate balance between their health, work and interaction with nature. This is the idea that inspires us at YVY and the essence of our brand: Life Better Lived.
Cannabis Travel in the U.S.A. We will have representatives give their perspectives on what’s happening with travel and tourism in their state. We will take you on a trip through northern and southern California, Hawaii, Colorado, New York, Nevada and Illinois.Jackie Simion, Bryan Bergman, Sumer Thomas, Christopher LaPorte, Phil Cooper, Sam De La Paz 
Tour Activation: Cannabis Bud Bar – Emerald Farm Tours – Victor Pinho
Cannabis Bar Services add an extra special element of surprise and satisfaction to any private event or ceremony. Indulge your guests with a masterfully curated selection of California cannabis products – from fresh buds to tasty edibles, and all products in between – sampled and safely served out to your guests by our professional and experienced team of budtenders.
Data Rules: 2022 Cannabis Tourism Publication
Join us as Amanda presents the data and insights from the CTAI 2022 Cannabis Tourism Publication. Discover the most up-to-date cannabis travel data – a 360 view of the cannabis trend as it exists today! The full report will be available for purchase on the website after the Cannabis Travel World Fair. Presenter: Amanda Reiman Ph.D., MSW

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Closing – CTAI Membership Chair, Georgi Gordon 


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