Virtual Advocacy Event Recap

Watch our Event Recap:

Event Description:

Our virtual event will include an overview of the recently completed Advocacy Toolkit (available at no cost to CTAI members). The toolkit is a suite of tools intended to translate your cannabis travel advocacy into policy.

Break-out discussion rooms will follow the introduction of the Toolkit. Key members of the CTAI will lead the rooms: Amanda Reiman, CTAI Board President,  will kick off the morning with updates about the non-profit organization. Brian Applegarth, Founder and CEO of the CTAI will start with the basics, presenting a Glossary of Terms;  Jerred Kiloh, owner of The Higher Path, will discuss the differences between Adult Cannabis Use and Medicinal Cannabis Use; Omar Figueroa, an attorney who sits on the CTAI Board will lead a breakout room focusing on Public Health and Safety and Kelbi Thompson, a compliance expert will discuss Social Media guidelines.  

Event Schedule

9:30 – CTAI Updates – Amanda Reiman

9:40 – Advocacy Toolkit (Small Breakout Rooms)

10:20 – Networking – One on one virtual networking


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